Penetrate the Asian market
Use Singapore's advantages as a launch pad to the region

Following years of experience and proven track record in business development for Israeli companies in Singapore and the region (China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan), TechMatch has recently established its branch in Singapore, a technological hub for assisting Hi-Tech companies to exploit the many business opportunities in Singapore and the region.

Israel based TechMatch was granted by the Singaporean authorities - Singapore-Israel Industrial Research and Development foundation (SIIRD), part of the Economic Development Board (EDB) - a unique opportunity for a new initiative, setting Singapore as a base for overseas companies, through a Technological Hub for companies looking to expand their activities and operations to Singapore, and to penetrate the 2.8 billion people’s Pacific Rim market.

Many Hi-Tech companies, from Israel, the US and Europe, regard the Singaporean Hi-Tech community, its investors and technological companies, as natural partners for synergetic cooperation. More than 50 Israeli Hi-Tech companies have already chosen to set Singapore as their branch for the region. Numerous international leading companies have already set up extensive presence in Singapore: centers by Philips, Siemens, IBM and many more, each employs thousands of professionals.

TechMatch technology Hub intends to promote collaboration and various modes of cooperation between Singaporean and overseas Hi-Tech companies, which would lead to the successful commercialization of advanced technologies and products in the areas of communication, industrial equipment, bio-medical, medical equipment, biotech, security, software and more. The collaboration may include joint development, manufacturing, commercialization and fund raising.

Singapore as a launch pad to the region.

TechMatch - your best gateway to Singapore.